The Quantum Vision System by Dr Kemp – Is It a Scam? – 2017 Reviews

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Have you noticed that every time you have an exam at your optometrist, your prescription glasses always get higher and higher? You then get a new pair of glasses or contacts, and you move on with your life. And then comes your next exam the next year, and your prescription goes higher again. When will it stop? Will you be living your life with vision that gets poorer and poorer?

There are many other options for you, such as eye surgeries and laser therapies, but do you really want to go through with these dangerous and expensive procedures? Are the risks worth it? For many, it’s not.
Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough in eye care and considered to be the very solution to heal eyesight – Quantum Vision System.

This system promises to change everything you know about eye care and finally reveal the truth about prescription glasses, contacts, and every other alternative available in the industry today.

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What is this Revolutionary Breakthrough?

The System promises to restore your vision at the speed of light, or more specifically in at 20:20 visionleast 7 days. It is a downloadable ebook in PDF format, and compatible to use with any electronic device. You can download it on a personal computer, on a smartphone, or any tablet, and get access to the guide from anywhere and at any time you wish.

The ebook is created by Dr. William Kemp, a licensed optometrist, who completely transformed his clinic and practice when he discovered this incredible scientific breakthrough.

Inside the ebook are several step-by-step instructions, guides, and videos, detailing the very causes of poor eyesight and what you can do to heal yourself permanently. The program uses 100% all-natural methods to help you achieve a perfect 20/20 vision in a matter of days.

The program costs a mere $37, which you can purchase online from their official website. Once you pay for the program, you get instant access to all the information you need to move from one prescription point to another in just 10 minutes, and achieve 20/20 vision in just 7 days.

The program comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee so if you don’t see any results or if you think it doesn’t work, you get your full money back without question.

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What’s Inside the Ebook?

In the first chapter of the ebook, Dr. Kemp explains in detail the root of all common eye problems. He trumps the common misconceptions and explains why glasses, contacts, and surgeries aren’t actually helping you, but are damaging to your eyesight.

Dr. Kemp then devotes a chapter on how to nourish your eyes and reveals the very core of the system, which is a proprietary 3-step system to restore your perfect vision.

The program involves several eye exercises that range from 2 to 10 minutes, a guide on eye nutrition and what to avoid, as well as visualization techniques for healing.

There’s also a collection of eye exercise videos, as well as a standard eye chart to help monitor your progress on a daily basis.

There are also 3 bonuses that you get together with the system, with a value of $97 for each program. One of these is Quantum Memory, helping you to never forget a single thing; Quantum Detector, helping you detect every single lie, and Quantum Reading, helping you read 5 times faster in just 7 days.
The ebook does not just improve your eyesight, but attempts to improve every single aspect of your life as well, through these added bonuses.

How the System Was Discovered

Dr. Kemp is a licensed optometrist from Lexington, Virginia. He was once a very successful eye doctor who had his own private clinic. Just like other optometrists, about a third of patients who went to visit him left with prescription glasses. This was the norm and it was absolutely common.

Dr. Kemp had a neighbour named Tom Howell, who was the picture perfect example of an individual who suffered from poor eyesight all his life. Tom was even nicknamed “Coke bottle eyes” very early on, as he had an exceptionally thick pair of glasses as a child.

Tom came to Dr. Kemp when his eyesight had gotten worse. He was not a candidate for Lasik surgery, and he was literally losing his eyesight with no possible treatment.

Dr. Kemp wanted to give Tom hope, even though the odds seemed hopeless. There were no other alternatives available anymore because every possible treatment and remedy had been exhausted to help Tom see better.

The doctor then thought of a controversial book that was allegedly debunked about a hundred years ago. This book is considered to be a hoax in the optometry field but Dr. Kemp saw no other choice. This book was written by William Bates, who guaranteed his readers that he could naturally restore their 20/20 vision in a matter of days.

Dr. Kemp knew that the methods didn’t work, but he didn’t want Tom to feel hopeless either. So he and Tom practiced the eye exercises everyday for an hour and after a few days, nothing improved. After 1 week, there was no improvement as well, and the doctor realized there may be no hope for Tom at all.
But then he also realized that Tom’s eyesight stopped deteriorating. The doctor concluded that while the Bates Method was not effective in restoring Tom’s 20/20 vision, it helped put a stop to further deterioration. In this sense, the eye exercises indeed served a purpose – to prevent vision from worsening.

Intrigued, Dr. Kemp started his journey of scientific discovery.

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The Revolutionary Discovery and Creation of the System

Dr. Kemp and every other optometrist know that glasses are actually not good for the eyes. In fact, every single optometrist knows that the more a person uses glasses, the worse his eyes get. But, since there are no other solutions to help people see better, they are left with no other choice but to prescribe glasses, otherwise, the patient will continue to suffer from not being able to see clearly and not living a life well lived.

Dr. Kemp wanted to find a solution that would not require people to wear glasses. Glasses, according to the doctor, is just as addictive as drugs. They cause a certain muscle dependency in the eye muscles, taking away the strength that is needed to make the eyes stronger.

When you rely on glasses, your eye muscles will no longer work in the way that they naturally should – which is to align the lenses properly to give you perfect vision. When your eyes rely on prescription glasses, they lose this natural ability. And the more and more you use glasses, the more and more they lose their muscle strength, leading to the nasty cycle of poor eyesight.

Dr. Kemp tried the Bates exercises on his patients, and surprisingly, the same results occurred with that of Tom – the exercises prevented further deterioration of eyesight.

He then wanted to study the exercises even more and talked with many of his colleagues. One optometrist directed him to a certain quantum physicist who was working with the military at the time.
This quantum physicist was working on a scientific breakthrough unlike any other the doctor has ever seen in his lifetime. It was so revolutionary that he knew he had to know more about it.

The breakthrough was being used to recalibrate the eyesight of soldiers who were losing their eyesight. By re-aligning the internal workings of the eye, the physicist was able to improve the soldiers’ eyesight dramatically. And the most intriguing part of it all was that this breakthrough used all-natural methods.
There were no chemicals used, no tools, and certainly no drastic surgeries were done. Dr. Kemp knew that this was his Eureka moment – he had finally found the discovery he was looking for to finally heal poor eyesight for good.

This breakthrough is currently a pending patent technology, which the physicist is more than willing to share. Dr. Kemp used this technology with his very own findings to create his revolutionary System, so the average Joe and Jane can have unlimited access to this incredible information to finally heal poor eyesight.

Once the technology is patented, it can be commercialized and only the owner of the patent can have the rights to the information. When this happens, access to the information will be very expensive and the average person will have no chance of knowing the truth about eyesight.

Dr. Kemp wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that no one else has yet to own this knowledge, and thus, created the system as an ebook so absolutely anyone from anywhere in the world can gain easy access to this incredible information.

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What Makes the System Revolutionary?

As mentioned earlier, every optometrist knows that glasses are bad for your eyesight. There are several alternatives to fix this such as Lasik and other eye surgeries but they’re invasive and expensive.

This system is only $37 and guarantees you get perfect 20/20 vision for your entire lifetime. This means you no longer have to spend your hard earned money on glasses, contact lenses, and all the other things you need to see better.

And while glasses and other solutions address one problem, the System address the 5 most important parts of the eye, which are the lenses, the cornea, the retina, the eye muscles, and the optic nerve. It address the deep workings of the eye, to completely remedy the very causes of poor eyesight in the first place.

How The System Works

If you want to go from one prescription point to another, such as a negative 6 to a negative 4, the System offers a number of exercises to do just that. And the greatest thing about it is it only takes 2-10 minutes of fun, relaxing, and simple eye exercises.

And if you truly want to enjoy a perfect 20/20 vision, the System employs nutrition guides to help you eyes become even healthier. You need to have the proper nutrition for healthy eyes and the program details all the food that you should avoid, and all the foods that you should take.

The system works through the exercises, through proper nutrition, and by identifying and changing bad eye habits.


>100% All Natural and Safe

This system uses 100% natural methods to help heal your eyesight for good. There are no drugs, no supplements, no tools, and definitely no drastic procedures to heal your eyesight. It’s the most risk-free method there is, and provides the safest and most natural way to achieve 20/20 vision.

>Affordable and Accessible

At only $37, you get to unravel an incredible discovery that can change your life. And because it’s an ebook, you get to have instant access – no more waiting for a book to arrive, and no more worrying about losing an physical book. Download it in any device and you get to have instant access anytime and anywhere.

>Everything is Simple, Easy, and Fun to Do

You won’t spend an hour everyday – but a mere 2 to 10 minutes that can be done anywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of commitments from you and the exercises are fun and soothing to the eye. They’re so relaxing that it can even improve your mood and stress levels.


>Lacks Scientific Data

Because it’s a relatively new discovery, there aren’t a lot of scientific data to back up the claims. Dr. Kemp’s studies have been limited to his own patients.

>Takes Diligence

You’d really have to practice everyday and follow the nutrition guide. It’s not an overnight solution that you take and you wake up and that’s it – it actually takes work. You really need to be serious about wanting to heal your eyesight and not just some quick and temporary solution.

The Verdict

The notion of glasses as being dangerous for your eyes has long been known but the solution to heal poor eyesight has never been revealed. Now, what was deemed as something impossible, is now available to you at the tip of your fingertips. Dr. Kemp closed his clinic and opened a new one committed to healing eyesight, and not just merely providing patients with temporary relief.

If you’re fed up with wearing glasses and a continuously rising eye prescription, this system may just be the answer you’re looking for. At first, the exercises and the nutrition guide will take some getting used to, but once you learn them, everything will come naturally to you and the road to healing your poor eyesight will be as easy as 1-2-3 with the Quantum Vision System.

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