4 Key Diets To Follow While Using the Quantum Vision Program to Improve Your Vision

Poor vision is one of the many health problems that people are struggling with. But the severity of the conditions differs from one patient to the other. One thing that is common with eye complication is deteriorating with time if quick measures are not taken. There are many eye treatment programs out there but quantum vision program has been receiving positive reviews. Developed by Dr. Kemp, the program aims at correct vision problems, regardless of the cause.
Quantum vision program works by reversing poor vision. The program combines science and series of exercises and daily habits to correct any eye condition. Eating habits are highly emphasized by the program. Diet with high nutrition for the eye is highly recommended. These are some of the diets you should follow while using the quantum vision program to improve your vision.

1. Dark Leafy Greens
Green leafy vegetables are great sources of carotenoid lutein and zeaxanthin. These two nutrients are crucial for the eye healthy. They are needed in high concentration for the proper functioning of the macula. This is the area of the retina responsible for vision clarity. But not every vegetable is good for the diet; you must select those rich in nutritional value. The best greens rich in lutein kale and spinach. Other healthy dark leafy greens to involve in your diet are the collard greens, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard. Peas and avocados are also good sources of antioxidants. The two elements help in reducing poor vision caused by old age.

2. Organic Egg Yolks
Egg yolk is a rich in both zeaxanthin and lutein. It has been proven by various researches that adding a couple of eggs to your diet and mostly the salad, it increases the carotenoid absorption. Although the amount of carotenoids in the egg is lower compared to green vegetables, it is compensated by the healthy fat and protein in it. It is important to note that overheating the egg will damage the nutrients (zeaxanthin and lutein). Cook as little as possible such as soft boiling or just eat it raw for the maximum utilization if the nutrients.

3. Fish
Fish is another rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. But you should not go for any fish. Cold-water species such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, and tuna are some of the best fish species to have in your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for protecting against dry eyes and muscle degeneration. If you don’t get seafood supply, you can go for the fish oil supplements.

4. Black Currants
These berries are popular during summer times and they are rich in anthocyanins. These are flavonoids that are known for the antioxidants properties. They are also known for their and anti-inflammatory and membrane strengthening which is key in eye treatment. Black currants are approximated to contain about 190-270 milligrams of anthocyanins per 100 grams. The berries are also rich in essential fatty acids which are crucial for its anti-inflammatory properties.

These are just some of the diet you should follow while under the quantum vision system. Other foods that you can add to this list include bilberry, whole grains, citrus fruits and berries, nuts and legumes among many others. These are diets that will significantly enhance your healing process.