Improve Your Eye Sight Without Glasses

The ways on how to improve your eyes without glasses are more beneficial and also cheap. The major improve visioncause of blurry visionĀ is eye straining. The level of blurred vision anyone experiences depends on the level of straining at the time. The measures you adopt to improve your eyes will determine how clearly you will see. Some of the routine eye improvement techniques include;

Lifestyle changes

Eat foods that will promote your eyes health

Changing your vision with diet alone is not possible although it can assist in providing your eyes with all the major nutrients it may require. Some of the foods you can add into your meals for good eye sight include;

. Leafy greens like kales, collards, chard or carrots
. Omega 3 fatty acids you can get in high amount from fish like tuna and salmon.
. Citrus fruits and their juices such as lemons, oranges, grapes and limes
. Some non meat protein sources like bananas and beans
. Vitamin supplements which contain omega 3 fatty acids , zinc, lutein, and both vitamin c and E.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a major cause of muscular cataracts degeneration in the later ages of life. Quitting smoking can be an easy step after joining a support group or approaching a psychiatrist who may provide medical treatment for smoking.

Reduce eye strain

The muscles around your eyes are just like the other muscles within your body. They can start getting painful and fatigued if you engage in activities which makes you to strain them too much. To cut on visual fatigue you should;

. Make the texts on your computer larger using the zoom functions.

. Adopt the 20-20-20 approach which means that you should at least take a break after every 20 minutes if you are working behind a screen. Additionally if you work involves staring at the screen for the whole day, you should at least focus on a point 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds in every break.

. Turn down the brightness of your computer monitor or your television screen to the lowest possible level. Always ensure that the brightness on your computer enables you to read, but it should not make you feel as if you are staring at a bright thing.

Adopt vision therapy

The primary modalities of therapy include;

. Orthoptics a branch that only focuses on issues related to the eye movement and also the coordination. The people who mostly make appointments with orthotists are those with double vision, lazy eyes, or the closed eyes.

. Behavioural optometry is branch where optometrists work to help patients manage their visual skills and tasks. If you face a hard time when looking at some complicated visual system or face challenges on recalling visual information behavioural optometry should be your consideration.

Adopt on eye exercise

Before starting the eye exercise, always provide heat to the eyes by rubbing your hands together and then placing them on the eyes. One easy eye exercise is rolling them without much straining. You should always stop if the eyes hurt.

Daily Eye exercise is one of the easiest ways you can improve on your eye health. The eye exercises strengthen the eyes and eliminate the need of eye glasses permanently. You can easily get a schedule of eye exercise and practice it daily.