Improve your vision Naturally with a System by Dr.Kemp

20 20 vision system

The Quantum Vision System is a method of improving eyesight naturally, developed by a Dr. John Kemp, which focuses on using the defective eyes to focus on a series of exercises — without using eyeglasses.

Dr. Kemp has created a system which he says forced the defective eye to actually improve, using some techniques to kick-start what he says are the eyes’ “natural” self-correction effects. There is no surgery required.

It does require a change of diet. It does require a change of lifestyle. But if you have less than perfect vision, the system was developed for you.

According to friendly reviews of the system posted online, the Quantum Vision System is especially geared towards eye problems that arise from aging, although if the problem occurs at any age, the system is geared for that.

As you might guess it’s a controversial system, with Dr. Kemp being questioned by opticians and ophthalmologists, who consider his revelations to be “impossible.” Supporters of Dr. Kemp say the fact that it uses natural means is why the medical establishment opposes his work.

Kemp claims that it’s possible for people whose vision is less than perfect to use the system, and regain complete restoration of their eyesight, possibly to 20/20 vision, using easy to learn effects that correct vision in an all-natural method that can take as little as seven days.

So what is the system? How does it work?

You send away for an e-book, which will explain what foods are good for your eyes. You will be required to change your diet to accommodate the new foods. It will also tell you how to care for your eyes, what to do to ensure their wellness.

The System will also send you instructional videos, which are designed to accommodate people who don’t want to read books, but prefer to take in their information in video form.

It comes with Vision Booster Packs, which instruct the user in methods for improving their vision. Part of the system includes visualizing healing, cleansing the eyes and other methods of naturally regaining vision.

And they’ll send you an eye chart, just like the one you see in the optometrists’ office.

The thrust of the system is to teach you how to overcome bad habits you have learned which affect your vision, how to eat right to help your body take care of the eyes, and to do it all without painful, invasive surgery, without medication, without harmful side effects, just with diet, eye exercises, which have been shown to assist in the recovery of vision in users.

The training is a daily regimen, but it can be done at home, without the need for office visits. The emphasis is on the wellness of the eye, taking care of the problem naturally. The exercises are designed to take about 15 minutes per day.

The program is offered through a 60-day money-back guarantee, and Dr. Kemp says if the program is followed the way it’s supposed to be, some users can see results anywhere from seven days to three weeks, including regaining 20/20 vision as a possible outcome.

There are no hard and fast guarantees, of course, but Dr. Kemp says the system has worked for others.

Does Quantum Vision Program Really Work?

improve your vision naturally

Quantum Vision System is a process that forces defective eyes try and focus without any form of aid like eyeglasses. Basically, the program has got a few proven tactics which initiates the natural corrective effect. If you’ll adhere to this program, you’ll be required to make a few changes in your diet as well as in your lifestyle since they can really contribute to complete eyesight restoration. The program has been deigned to assist individuals who’ve got less than perfect vision succeed in regaining vision within the shortest time possible. The program is all- natural, and all the techniques as well as well remedies for vision restoration practiced in this program can be carried out by any person easily.

Does It Really Work?

There are most people who believe that this program is effective while there are others who believe its scam. However, the truth is that the program is effective and it can only work if applied correctly. The System when applied can force any defective eye to try and focus without the use of any form of aid. The program does not only concentrate on providing eye restoration, but it also provides protection to the eye. Don’t you think that this program is indeed great?

The program has been proved safe for people who want to rid themselves of contact lenses and glasses permanently. Also, the program covers other eye related subjects like how to care for the eyes and suggestion on how you can boost the wellness as well as the performance of your eyes.

What will you Learn from this Program?

Quantum Vision System will help you learn how you can take care of your vision without undergoing expensive surgeries, paying for expensive medications or even experiencing harmful side effects. You’ll also learn numerous exercises of the eyes and the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, which have been revealed to show people the essential components of this effective vision restoration program.

If you in deed want to experience the effectiveness of the System, combining it with eye exercises and a balanced diet can really help you achieve hassle free the results you desire.

What are the Pros of The System?

*Easy to Follow:-

This is an easy to follow program and thus can be used by any person who want to improve his or her sight.

*60 Days Cash Back Guarantee:-

The program offers you 60 days money guarantee. This means that you can be refunded your cash in case the program fails to be effective. However, this can only happen if you claim the money 60 days from the time you purchased the program.

*It provides Eye Workouts:-

The program offers eye workouts that are ideal for general health of your eyes.

What are the Cons of this Program?

*It is internet Based:-

Since the program is internet based, people who do not have access to the internet may find it hard using the program.

Last but not the least; despite the program having a few cons, the pros outweigh them. Ensure that you make use of this program to experience its effectiveness.


Get 20/20 Vision With Dr. Kemp’s Program

does quantum vision program work

Until lately, people floundered in the notion of faith that vision defects can only be rectified by putting on a pair of contact lenses or glasses. But the reality is that there is a proven formula for correcting your ideal 20/20 vision without putting on your glasses or lenses. Wondering how cool is that? Well, that is absolutely true! You can now get 20/20 vision with Dr. Kemp’s Program, in just one week.

The Quantum Vision System Program by Dr. Kemp is a comprehensive vision restoration and eye care program, specially designed to assist people suffering from eye defects like short-sightedness and long-sightedness. Additionally, it has proven to treat macular degeneration, cataracts, as well as glaucoma. It is highly suitable for patients who do not wish to go through risks that are associated with eye surgeries, as well as people who do not enjoy the idea of having to put on glasses or lenses all their lives.

The program is a combination of dietary and workout regime and also involves certain life changes. Unlike the traditional approaches to dealing with vision issues, Dr Kemp resorts to all natural means of restoring the visual system to work properly and in a optimal way. However, the recovery rate varies from individual to individual. The best part is that the program is natural and allows complete visual recovery without the requirement to use any visual aids. The eyes will try to gradually adapt to this state until the perfect vision. Moreover, the techniques used have been tested to be effective in starting the ideal program in a natural way.

The main components of the program include

. An Eye Chart: This helps the person going through this program record their daily progress. The chart is same as used by opticians and optometrist for monitoring and diagnosing the progress.
. The Quantum Vision System eBook: The eBook is the “how to” manual that provides all the details about the system and also guides on how it can help you achieve the ideal 20/20 vision. The eBook lists the three measures eyesight correction, including a diet regime that helps to boost your efforts.
. Vision eBook: This book includes the perfect way to execute the suggested workouts for achieving the optimal results.

Here are some steps that you need to follow in order to achieve the optimal vision.

. You will be required to perform all the exercises with equipments that you can feasibly afford.
. There are over 40 eye exercises that must be followed properly in order to restore perfect vision.
. You will be required to adopt a dedicated mindset to accomplish the ultimate goal of an ideal vision.
. You will learn about certain medications that have noxious side effects on your eyesight and why they must be averted.

. You will also be treated to various food recipes that are ideal for restoration of the perfect 20/20 vision.

. Lastly, it will discuss the relevance of the eyesight shift method and its importance in augmenting the eye focussing power.

So what are you waiting for? Give Dr. Kemp’s program a try, and you will never regret your choice.

Quantum Vision Program Vs Other Programs

improve vision naturally

Poor vision is not a new phenomenon for humans and about 50% of the entire population will develop various eye issues during their lifetime. While some people are born with poor vision, most develop this problem due to a number of factors ranging from bad lifestyle habits to harmful exposure and poor health diets. Quantum vision program is aided at helping people reverse poor vision and restore a 20/20 vision. It is one of the few available vision restoration systems in the market. Here is a detailed description of quantum vision program vs other programs.

What is quantum vision?

This is basically a poor vision reversing system that is delivered as a resource eBook. The eBook was developed by Dr. Kemp and covers various sections of restoring normal vision. It relies on natural corrective action to reverse poor vision and force the eye to focus without assistance such as glasses. It contains extensive information on eye problems, causes and restoration of vision. The book also uses pictures and videos to illustrate how the exercises and daily practices can be accomplished without spending much effort.

How does it work?

When you compare quantum vision program vs other programs, it is clear to identify a huge difference. This system entirely relies on natural restoration of vision and there are no surgeries involved. The eBook contains various sections that have been described in detail. It covers the following;

• Types of eye defects and causes of these problems
• Bad eye habits and how to break them
• How natural restoration of vision can be achieved
• Exercises that will improve eye vision
• Recap, progress tracking and daily habits that can be followed to maintain 20/20 vision

The eBook basically focuses on exercises and daily habits that will naturally induce vision restoration. There are no contacts needed and the program developer claims it can restore vision in as few as one week. While this has not been scientifically proven, the testimonials and positive reviews all indicate it is a real claim. However, the exercises and daily routine practices are scientifically backed.

Benefits and cons of the program

The advantages of quantum vision program for vision restoration are quite straightforward and easy to identify. When compared to other programs, this system is simply the easiest to use. It involves simple-to-achieve natural practices and there are no surgical operations or contact glasses needed. The eBook is written is a simple format that is clear and easy to read. This program can be used by patients of any age group and does not have any side effects. It is relatively affordable considering all the techniques are DIY and there is no requirement for professional; assistance. Other advantages include 60-day money-back guarantee, one-stop solution and tips for natural vision restoration. The major concern with this program is that people can only access it online. Additionally, there is no miracle in the cure and it will most certainly take time (more than the claimed 7 days) for complete vision restoration to happen.


Comparing quantum vision program vs other programs will definitely identify it as the best natural vision restoration solution in the market. Poor vision can cause discomfort and prevent patients from completing certain tasks or restricting them to using distressing contacts. The quantum vision system is simply designed to help reverse poor vision through natural means and healthy lifestyles.

Improve Your Eye Sight Without Glasses

The ways on how to improve your eyes without glasses are more beneficial and also cheap. The major improve visioncause of blurry vision is eye straining. The level of blurred vision anyone experiences depends on the level of straining at the time. The measures you adopt to improve your eyes will determine how clearly you will see. Some of the routine eye improvement techniques include;

Lifestyle changes

Eat foods that will promote your eyes health

Changing your vision with diet alone is not possible although it can assist in providing your eyes with all the major nutrients it may require. Some of the foods you can add into your meals for good eye sight include;

. Leafy greens like kales, collards, chard or carrots
. Omega 3 fatty acids you can get in high amount from fish like tuna and salmon.
. Citrus fruits and their juices such as lemons, oranges, grapes and limes
. Some non meat protein sources like bananas and beans
. Vitamin supplements which contain omega 3 fatty acids , zinc, lutein, and both vitamin c and E.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a major cause of muscular cataracts degeneration in the later ages of life. Quitting smoking can be an easy step after joining a support group or approaching a psychiatrist who may provide medical treatment for smoking.

Reduce eye strain

The muscles around your eyes are just like the other muscles within your body. They can start getting painful and fatigued if you engage in activities which makes you to strain them too much. To cut on visual fatigue you should;

. Make the texts on your computer larger using the zoom functions.

. Adopt the 20-20-20 approach which means that you should at least take a break after every 20 minutes if you are working behind a screen. Additionally if you work involves staring at the screen for the whole day, you should at least focus on a point 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds in every break.

. Turn down the brightness of your computer monitor or your television screen to the lowest possible level. Always ensure that the brightness on your computer enables you to read, but it should not make you feel as if you are staring at a bright thing.

Adopt vision therapy

The primary modalities of therapy include;

. Orthoptics a branch that only focuses on issues related to the eye movement and also the coordination. The people who mostly make appointments with orthotists are those with double vision, lazy eyes, or the closed eyes.

. Behavioural optometry is branch where optometrists work to help patients manage their visual skills and tasks. If you face a hard time when looking at some complicated visual system or face challenges on recalling visual information behavioural optometry should be your consideration.

Adopt on eye exercise

Before starting the eye exercise, always provide heat to the eyes by rubbing your hands together and then placing them on the eyes. One easy eye exercise is rolling them without much straining. You should always stop if the eyes hurt.

Daily Eye exercise is one of the easiest ways you can improve on your eye health. The eye exercises strengthen the eyes and eliminate the need of eye glasses permanently. You can easily get a schedule of eye exercise and practice it daily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The System

quantum vision program

Quantum vision system is a program designed to assist individuals restore their eyesight. This program was developed by Dr. John Kemp, a highly experienced optometrist. It is based on widespread research and his own experience with eyesight problems. According to Dr. Kemp, this program helps individuals achieve 20/20 vision using some simple exercises. One of the aspects that set this system apart from the other options in the market is the fact that it addresses visual problems without surgery, contact lenses or eyeglasses. It is necessary to learn about the system advantages and disadvantages before you use the program.


One of the main pros of this program is the fact that it offers a natural solution for eyesight issues. Most people turn to contact lenses or eyeglasses to correct their vision but these options can actually cause eyesight damage. Eyeglasses can weaken eye muscles and make your lenses less flexible. There is no side effect concern with this system.

The program also offers fast results. According to its creator, the system can lead to significant changes in just a week. You can achieve 20/20 vision in about 7 days. This is quite impressive because most people have to use assistive devices for several years to correct eyesight deficiencies. Those who have used this system report that they noticed major improvements in a few weeks. The fast results are remarkable when you consider that it is a natural solution.

The program is also a cheaper alternative compared to solutions like eye surgery that can cost several thousands. There are no additional expenses once you purchase the system and it is available at a reasonable price.

Users get guarantees with this guide. According to Dr. Kemp, the first guarantee is that your vision will be restored naturally. He also guarantees that users who use eyeglasses will notice a significant difference in their prescription points a few minutes after following the program. The last guarantee is that you get a refund if the system fails to deliver desired outcomes in 60 days.

Dr. Kemp has developed a simple system that users can easily follow. This is essential because most people tend to abandon complex programs before they can achieve their objectives. This practical system makes it easy for individuals to know exactly what they should do to get 20/20 vision.


This system promises results in a week and this is not possible in each user because every vision problem is different depending on the individual.

The program is not designed to solve every kind of vision problem. It is only effective when it comes to conditions like astigmatism, presbyopia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Individuals who suffer from cataracts and glaucoma may have to use other alternatives. This means that it is not a comprehensive system.

Dr. Kemp only offers his program in a digital version. Users cannot access hard copies of the guide.


If you are thinking of using this guide, you need to be aware of the quantum vision system advantages and disadvantages to allow you to have realistic expectations.

Revealed: 3 Common Causes Of Vision Loss

Blurred vision is often a vital indicator of eye disease. It may affect both eyes (bilateral vision loss), or vision lossone eye (unilateral vision loss), and whether it occurs rarely or frequently, it should never be left untreated. This is because when your vision is blurry, you are unlikely to see fine details, and the resultant lack of sharpness can be quite frustrating. Vision loss such as double vision, blindness, or blurry vision may mean various things, ranging from retinal detachments or migraines to dry eyes or glaucoma.

Causes of vision loss

A person experiencing sight loss often sees very little or in extreme cases, may see absolutely nothing at all with different eye conditions presenting different challenges. For instance, very few people tend to be completely blind with the rest experiencing anything from perceiving light only; having vision only in the center of their eye; having no side vision; having blank spots, seeing everything as blurry; or just having enough sight to read without being able to carry out night time activities. Whatever may afflict you, do not assume that if you have enough sight to do one thing, you have enough to accomplish everything. Below, therefore, we take a look at 3 common causes of vision loss as follows:

  1. Glaucoma

People with glaucoma tend to experience side vision loss, with early-onset glaucoma characterized by a gradual loss of contrast such as difficulty in seeing the pavement’s kerb or seeing the steps on a staircase. Conversely, those with advanced glaucoma find it difficult to move around, especially during night time when vision is more hampered although there is likely to be a central area in the eye where one can still see sufficiently enough to read and perform some duties up close. This is what is commonly referred to as tunnel vision.

With the early symptoms of glaucoma not being discernible enough, routine eye examinations are vital for early detection. Remember, you have a higher risk of developing glaucoma if you are short-sighted, have a family member who also suffers from this condition, or you are of Asian or African descent.

  1. Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration leads to loss of sight in the centre of the eye thus making writing, reading, and up-close work a tad difficult. In some cases, a person may also find it hard to perceive colors while in others daylight sight may be compromised so additional lighting may be needed. This condition is a more prevalent cause of vision loss among senior citizens.

  1. Cataracts

Contrary to popular belief, cataracts are not skin growing over the eye but rather a clouding of the eye lens. This then makes a person’s vision dim or blurred because light is unable to pass past the now clouded lens to its intended destination at the back of the eye. Cloudiness of the lens may also occur in several locations, making light rays to split up once they enter the eye, resulting in double images. This, perhaps, explains why cataracts make images look misty and blurred.

As a cataract progresses, its centre becomes yellow thus giving everything that you see a yellow tinge. Also, colors may become duller and you are likely to see the finer details. People who suffer from cataracts can be overly sensitive to glare and light- with very sunny days or bright light dazzling them, while too little makes it difficult for them to see.

What is Vision Therapy?

Visual therapy also referred to as visual training aims to correct vision conditions such as crossed eyes what is vision therapyand lazy eye. It is offered by eye doctors who specialize in optometry. This form of therapy can be used to deal with learning disorders related to vision. It can be applied for both adults and children. The therapy trains an individual’s body, brain, and eyes, which form the visual system. If you are asking what is vision therapy, it is similar to physical therapy and the only difference is that it focuses on vision.

How it Works

The main objective of vision therapy is to instruct the brain to use your eyes to receive information properly, understand it quickly, and respond appropriately. It is different from other kind of exercise because it does not try to strengthen a patient’s eye muscles. Various procedures are carried out during the therapy sessions to boost the brain’s capacity to control eye movements, eye teamwork, and focusing. A specialized computer and various optical devices such as filters, prisms, and lenses are used to develop endurance and visual-motor skills. Once the relevant skills have been acquired, they are reinforced through repetition. The skills are also integrated with cognitive and motor skills.

Patients are required to undergo a complete vision examination before they start the program. During the evaluation, the vision care expert will determine if you qualify for the treatment and if it will offer any benefits for your condition.

Addressing Learning Problems

Visual disorders can lead to learning problems and this form of therapy can be an effective way to deal with the issues. Sensorimotor and vision deficiencies can cause double vision, blurred vision, eyestrain, and headaches. The deficiencies can also make it difficult for individuals to maintain focus when reading. These problems can have a significant effect on a child’s academic performance.

Children who suffer from vision related learning issues often suffer from low self esteem and this therapy is one of the best ways to address this concern. Once the vision problems have been corrected, a child’s self esteem can improve significantly.

Therapy programs are designed to meet a patient’s individual needs. Approaches applied in the programs vary depending on the goals and the doctor you select. It is essential to have a good understanding of what you can achieve with this form of therapy before treatment begins.

Therapy can take between a couple of months and a few years. Vision therapy is short term and goal oriented and it is rare for patients to undertake a program for several years without accomplishing their goals. Most patients get lasting results after treatment. This is because they use the skills acquired during therapy in their day-to-day activities.


Vision therapy has been identified as an effective way of dealing with visual issues that cannot be addressed through surgical intervention. It tends to have a higher success rate compared to surgery for patients who suffer from crossed eyes, lazy eyes and visual problems related to brain trauma. Research has also revealed that this therapy is also a good way to address some learning problems especially among children.

Vision Therapy VS Occupational Therapy

Vision therapy and occupational therapy are used these days to enhance the performance skills and vision therapyprevent dysfunction in the people suffering from physical, behavioural and emotional issues. In order to find the better therapy of the two and make a comparison between them one should have brief information about them.

Vision therapy

Vision therapy can be defined as a series of activities recommended and observed by the doctors on individual basis to process and develop the visual skills of the patients efficiently. This therapy is normally recommended as an appropriate treatment option after performing thorough examination of the eyes of the patients.

The success of vision therapy program is based on the needs of the patient, results of standard tests and the symptoms and signs of the problem. Therapists usually use prisms, lenses, occluders, filters, computer programs and special instruments as the integral part of this therapy.

The individualized treatment program designed for vision therapy to correct perceptual cognitive deficiencies and/or visual-motor and enhancing the ability of the brain of the patient to control the alignment of the eyes, teaming and tracking the eyes, improving the focusing abilities of the eyes and controlling the movement of the eyes through visual processing. After improving the visual abilities and skills patients are encouraged to improve them automatically through repetitive practices by including cognitive and motor functioning in their routine life.

Occupational therapy

The focus of occupational therapy is to enhance the performance of infants, children and adults in their routine life by dealing with their functional skills. In this therapy therapists work to enable their participation in movement, work, school, play as well as in routine life along with improving their performance individually. They promote success, function and development of the patients suffering from the physical, developmental, social, emotional or behavioural problems by maximizing their independence, performance ability and preventing dysfunction.

They involve sensory integration and processing in this therapy to know how the brain of the patient receives, organizes and uses the information from all of his senses to coordinate his behaviour, performance and emotions in his day-to-day life. Therapists respond according to the inputs of these sensory processes. But disorder in sensory integration and processing is noticed when these processes significantly interfere the daily life of the patients. Therapists provide special evaluation and treatments in sensory processing, integration and modulation, motor planning, self regulation, postural balance and control, gross and fine motor skills, writing skills and muscle tone to influence their coordination, performance and behaviour in their daily life.

Vision therapy vs occupational therapy

According to various experts, both of these therapies intersect each other. Occupational therapist may not be able to enhance visual motor integration and eye-hand coordination as they have not received deep training about the use of prisms, lenses and filters, so far as visual perception is concerned. Similarly if a patient has difficulty with sensory integration then it can be co-managed by the vision therapist with occupational therapist as vision is a set of sensory-motor systems.

Thus it is not easy to say which therapy is better, vision therapy or occupational therapy, as both are complementary.